We will analyse your risk of incidents

An organistions historical data says a great deal about their likely future!

Analyse your organisational character

It's one thing to forecast. It's another to prevent.

The Journey Program helps companies do both.

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Less compliance, more culture

Safety performance is more than just compliance. We'll show you how to change your organisation's culture to encourage safe operations.

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Bespoke standards and targets

There's no such thing as a one size fits all approach to safety. We've developed a product that delivers each company their own procedures and targets.

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Communicate with a common language

Reducing risk starts with communication. The Journey Program will help you speak in a language your whole company understands.

Focused on performance, not just safety

The Journey Program is a novel approach to organisational safety management. The program is based on an organisation-wide philosophy of improving culture and leads to improved safety performance as a function of company success.

Changing your company's culture results in a positive feedback loop. As your safety record improves, so does your overall performance; essentially we help every person in the company perform their job better. This iterates infinitely: The result is safe, efficient and effective workplaces.

"DB Schenker has been upgrading its safety system to meet the safety requirements in a transport and logistics environment for the Gorgon Project both in Australia and overseas. Marcus and [The Journey Program] have been a critical part in the successful development of the safety system, also assisting in the implementation here and overseas."
Neil Jones, DBS Senior Project Manager

See the Journey Program in action.

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Lead by world class vision

Meet Dr Marcus Cattani; the driving force behind the Journey Program.

Marcus has over 25 years experience in the injury prevention industry from both an industry and academic perspective. His world-leading research into risk taking behaviour and appetite has paved the way for legislation changes in Western Australia.

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Help Yourself

Make use of publicly available Journey Program resources:

Organisational Character Profiles

We've produced 14 questions designed to analyse 3 key elements of your organisational performance.

Journey Program Case Study: Company W

The case of a 'Policeman' who became 'President'.

A Safety Management Glossary and Terminology

Breaking down some of the industry's most used terms into consistent, understandable language.

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