About the Journey Program

The Company

The Journey Program was founded in 2010 by Dr Marcus Cattani, a leader in the field of safety management and performance leadership.

Supported by his team, Marcus developed the Journey Program to assist organisations improve their safety performance by educating their leaders in a simple approach to risk management and communication. Instead of complex formulas, management jargon or ‘safety speak’, the Program uses intuitive phrases to assist people to manage risk whether they are the most Senior Manager or a team member.

At the core of the Journey Program is a simple communication model used to illustrate the process of changing from the present state to the future state. This innovative and easily understood model becomes a mechanism to focus leadership and risk reduction efforts across the business.

“The Journey Program is very well structured, the facilitators were very interactive and allowed time to discuss on the job issues. I would highly recommend [The Journey Program] to other groups”

Chris Thompson – MGI Training Supervisor

The tools in the Program provide the participants with a mechanism to achieve their future state. Your more experienced leaders will be familiar with some of the tools and your new or untrained leaders will enjoy their simplicity and benefit. Together the management team will consistently and more efficiently manage the level of risk in the business.

Journey is a practical program. We know that leaders would prefer not sit in a classroom for days at a time, watching a slideshow or taking notes for a test. Equally, we know that each client is different. The integrated components of the program are customised in line with your organisations’ needs, values and strategies.

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