About the Journey Program

Dr. Marcus Cattani

Marcus Cattani

Dr Cattani is one of Australia’s leading occupational health and safety specialists. The Journey Program is the culmination of his 25 years’ experience helping high risk businesses – in utilities, mining, construction, chemicals and aerospace - to reduce their exposure to the devastating cost of safety failure.

An expert in the field of safety leadership and performance management, Dr Cattani’s breakthrough program tackles the last major frontier in safety risk – the human factor. His step-by-step approach uses simple yet effective behavioural techniques to generate the employee awareness and commitment needed to sustain an injury free workplace.

“Not only is Marcus an expert in his knowledge of multiple facets of HSEQ Management, he has an incredible ability to influence change within difficult and challenging environments.”

Ben Blackaby – FMG Business Improvement Specialist

Underpinned by good science and practical business thinking, the modular program is one of the first of its kind for employees and team leaders whose attitude critically impacts safety behaviour on the shopfloor. It uses a dynamic combination of leadership, strategic planning, risk management and occupational hygiene to forecast, manage and control safety risk … with outstanding results.

A sought-after presenter, trainer and executive coach, Dr Cattani is a Chartered member of the Safety Insitutute of Australia, a member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists and a Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University, where his simple yet effective method is helping to guide safety thinking for a new generation.

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