Can we forecast injury risk?

The Journey Program assesses your organisational character to help you identify which area of your business is most likely to lead to an incident. We help you model how likely that incident is to occur.

Analyse your organisational character

Take action to prevent major incidents by managing risk

The Journey Program is a philosophy that workplace incidents are the result of ineffective control and therefore are preventable. We've built a suite of tools to enable you to diagnose your level of control and respond appropriately.

The tools to improve culture at every organisational level

Organisations who use the Journey Program are equipped with a suite of easy to use problem solving and communication tools with a focus on preventing harm, a key indicator of organisational success.

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  • Coaching & Training
  • Accreditation
  • Assessment
  • Policy Statement Templates
  • Strategic Planning Templates
  • Periodic Review Templates
  • Contractor Management Systems
  • Safety Management Plans

Go beyond compliance

Work with staff that know how to be safe

Safety performance improvement will not occur simply by enforcing rules and regulations. By introducing a new philosophy based on the Journey Program, employees at each level of the organisation are empowered to participate and contribute to a whole of organisation approach to managing risk.

Our methodology results in buy-in from the workforce and leads to a collective approach to safety performance improvement, which is what the legislation expects you to do!

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Connect operators and leadership

Bridge the gap in culture and language

The different levels of an organisation are often separated by the use of a different 'language'. The Journey Program provides a simple common language to create efficiency in communication of safety issues, for all organisational levels, from apprentices to the CEO.

Research shows that leadership fails to improve safety when procedures are imposed without effective communication and consultation. We help you communicate in a language everybody understands.

Concise and accessible training

Less time learning = more time operating

Our content is designed to be digestible and practical. We take content that previously might have taken three to four weeks to deliver and condense it to less than a week. By doing so we make a complex issue accessible, easy to understand, and easy to implement.

Instead of complex formulas, management jargon or ‘safety speak’, the Program uses intuitive phrases to assist people to manage risk whether they are the most Senior Manager or a team member


Makes injury prevention easier

A function of better procedure, communication and culture

Injury prevention is a function of leadership. It is not surprising that effective leaders have excellent safety performance. The skills to prevent injuries are applicable to managing any other part of the business. If you can prevent injuries, you know about people, systems and leadership.

At the core of the Journey Program is a simple communication model used to illustrate the process of changing from the present state to the future state. This innovative and easily understood model becomes a mechanism to focus leadership and risk reduction efforts across the business.

We've found that the best way to engage with safety is to not talk about safety. Safety is the result of effective leadership. We will teach you how to be an effective leader, and safety will follow.

In person. In the field. Online.

We deliver the Journey Program however it suits your organisation best.

Journey Books

The Journey Books

The Journey books give an organisation the terminology and step-by-step approach to simplify how they think about, communicate and manage injury risk. A series of books using the Journey Program terminology have been tailored to meet the specific needs of three groups – Managers/Supervisors, Safety Leaders/Advisors and Team Members.

The books are a manual and resource for anyone with a team to manage. The Team Member book is designed to be customised for Supervisors to deliver with or without support from the Journey Coach to their teams. The books are carefully written to address a target reading age, for example the Team Member book includes more pictures to accommodate a wider audience. Customised books and training materials can be produced for your organisation.

Another meeting

Workshops and Coaching

During the workshop sessions the focus is on providing real skills, talking about how to apply the skills in the workplace and using the experience of the coach and the group to illustrate their use.

Coaching is a vital part of the Journey Program and is most effective when conducted in field, shortly after the skills workshops. Coaching gives each participant one on one practical support, and focuses on embedding the new skills and knowledge from the skills workshops, and training. Our Journey coaches have years of experience in their discipline, or, we can train your suitable people to be internal trainers and coaches.

Easy questions

MyJourney Performance Management

MyJourney is a Performance Management System which aims to set clear performance expectations (tailored to your business) to all persons in the business - so you, your team and your organisation can show how they are contributing to sustain or reduce the level of injury risk on a daily basis.

A MyJourney plan is set up for individuals outlining the tasks to be completed; personal KPIs can also be added. The system produces a risk snapshot giving the user immediate feedback on how they are tracking.

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