Analyse Your Organisational Character

The first step towards anticipating incidents is understanding your organisation's character profile. We've produced 14 questions designed to analyse 3 key elements of your organisational performance. Our analysis of your answers to the questions produces a prediction of where in your organisation incidents are most likely to occur.

At the end you'll be able to download a report to help implement some improvements in your business.

1. Is your risk register up to date?

2. Have all your leaders been trained to be leaders?

3. What is your organisational leadership style?

4. The last time something bad happened...

5. Has your management system been audited?

6. We are focussed on improving...

7. What do you know about the asset management strategy?

8. Which comment indicates employee turnover?

9. What did your people answer when you asked if they felt safe?

10. We have good position descriptions

11. We comply to the legislation

12. We have defined employee engagement processes which work

13. Keeping people safe is

14. Our improvement plan is well underway

Your Organisational Character

Successful organisations exhibit high levels of performance three key elements of a business: leadership, systems, and people. It takes engaged people, targeted systems, and effective leadership to ensure high performance throughout all departments of an organisation.

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Your people profile is:

Your systems profile is:

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Your report contains an overview of how you can start making changes to your organisation based on your current character profile.

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The Journey Program has developed two predictive algorithms that companies are using to predict the liklihood and location of major incidents occurring throughout the different areas of their organisations.

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